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Text Sets Description Text sets are resources of different reading levels, genres, and media that offer perspectives on a theme. By collecting materials ranging from fiction, nonfiction, and poetry to maps, charts, historical documents, photographs, songs, and paintings, teachers can add voices and perspectives to the study of any complex issue. This is especially important in classrooms where the whole class is using a single textbook or novel. Putting together a text set also provides all students -- regardless of reading level or learning style -- with a "way in" to a subject.

Text set

Students select a topic they want to explore and work in small groups to compile a set of texts related to their topic. Each group discusses their topic, jotting notes and images on a large piece of paper as they talk. They then explore the texts they have gathered, adding more information to the paper to create a "graffiti board" focusing on their topic.

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After the teacher models skimming text for key words, students use the strategy on their own text sets. Finally, students are given sustained reading time, followed by writing time without the text, allowing them to put the information they have learned into their own words.

Text set

This resource describes text sets and offers information about how to compile and display them. Text sets-collections of resources from different genre, media, and levels of reading difficulty-are more supportive of learners with a range of experiences and interests than any single text.

Multiple Opportunities for Teaching and Learning. Linda Crafton is the original author of the "text set" strategy, although many resourceful educators have invented versions of it.

Further Reading Allington, Richard.Terminology related to character encoding: A character is a minimal unit of text that has semantic value.; A character set is a collection of characters that might be used by multiple languages.; Example: The Latin character set is used by English and most European languages, though the Greek character set is used only by the Greek language.

A coded character set is a character set in which. The text set process, Pierce says, "sets the stage" for deeper study, and helps students "move from initial stereotypes and presuppositions to broaden the pool of talk." Benefits of Using Text Sets Text sets provide multiple perspectives on complex issues.

Multimedia Text pique student interest Informational Text connect learning to the real world around us Adolescent & YA Text the teen element How might this look in your classroom?

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This property cannot be used with rich text. A Text Set is a group of books that: focuses on one theme or topic, such as dinosaurs or Cinderella stories or December holidays.

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