Lucky star paper strips

Make these stunning Mexican paper star ornaments as decorations and class activities for Cinco de Mayo! Mexican paper star ornaments are Inspired by Mexican star pinatas.

Lucky star paper strips

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Lucky star paper strips

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These paper strips are "matte" black (not shiny black). These paper strips are "matte" black (not shiny black).

Lucky star paper strips

Black paper is somewhat rare, but it . Dec 01,  · The most popular paper strip origami is probably making lucky stars. Lucky star is also known as dream star, wishing star or Reviews: Oct 04,  · Pinch each corner or push in the edges to puff the star up. 7. Use the stars for display.

cut a bunch of strips of paper all at once. Leave them by the phone, computer, or TV, or make a travel size craft kit (take some with you).

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From reader in Rawalpindi " My origami lucky star! From reader in Quakers Hill " this is my origami lucky star yah i'm feeling lucky. From Morgan in Bay City " This was my first time making origami luck stars and the size ranges from 5cm to 1cm.

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