Conceptual frameworks for dota

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Conceptual frameworks for dota

A Fortress Defender can immobilize enemies, a useful ability against ranged opponents who might attempt to kite it. Before commanding the NPC to attack an encountered enemy, the code checks whether the type of opponent is one of those who use a ranged weapon and starts by using its immobilization ability if it is the case.

Algorithm 2 shows a possible conceptualization of the same code. Note how the design remains identical and the only change consists in replacing game elements with conceptual ones.

As a result, the new code mimics a more conceptual reasoning. In order to prevent a ranged enemy from kiting the melee NPC, the latter checks whether a movement-impairing ability is available and uses it on the target before moving towards it.

Whether the actual ability turns out to slow, immobilize or completely stun the opponent holds little significance as long as the conceptual objective of preventing it from kiting the NPC is accomplished.

Although this requires developers to think in a more abstract way, they do retain the freedom of designing their AI however they are accustomed to. Despite this technical similarity, the idea of conceptualizing video games suggests looking at AI in a more problem-driven way.

There are two obvious reasons. First, conceptual AI does not target any game in particular, meaning that it should not be defined as a complete solution for an entire game.

Second, with the various interpretation details omitted, AI developers can more easily identify the conceptual problems that are common to games of different genres and target the base problems first rather than their combinations in order to leverage the full factoring potential of conceptualization.

The idea of solving the base conceptual problems and combining conceptual solutions is illustrated in Figure 4. Figure 4 Conceptual problems circles and solutions irregular forms. Instead of looking at the whole ADE and CDI problems found in two different games and solving them directly, solving problem D twice in the process, it is more interesting to identify the individual problems A, C, D, E, and I and solve them once first.

A solution based on those of the individual problems can then be developed for each game without having to solve them again.

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Besides combining them, it can be necessary to establish dependencies between solutions. An AI module may rely on data computed by another module and require it to be running to function properly. For example, an ability planner module could require a target selection module by planning abilities for a unit or character according to its current target.

This can be transparent to game developers when the solutions with dependencies are combined together into a larger solution. When they are not however, game developers need to know whether an AI module they plan on using has any dependencies in order to take into account the conceptual interfaces required by those dependencies.

This means that AI developers have to specify not only the conceptual interface an AI solution uses, but also those required by its dependencies. Dependencies in combined and individual AI solutions are illustrated in Figure 5. Figure 5 AI dependency in combined and individual solutions.

It can be argued that problems are actual video game elements. The difference between them and other elements such as objects is that they are rarely defined explicitly.

Conceptual frameworks for dota

They might be in games where the rules are simple enough to be listed exhaustively in a complete description of the problem the player is facing, but often in video games the rules are complex and numerous and a complete definition of the problems players must face would be difficult to not only write, but also read an understand.

Instead, a description of the game based on features such as genres, environments or missions convey the problems awaiting players in a more intuitive way. With such implicit definitions, there can be many ways of breaking down video games into conceptual problems. Different AI developers might consider different problems and compositions.

There are no right or wrong configurations of conceptual problems, though some may allow developers to produce AI more efficiently than others, just like the concepts making up the CF. It was suggested that the CF should be developed using an open-source model to quickly cover the numerous existing concepts through collaboration and ease the addition of new ones.Jun 25,  · Since biomarker imaging is traditionally understood as imaging of molecular probes, we highly recommend to avoid any confusion with the previously defined term “imaging biomarkers” and, therefore, only use “molecular probe imaging (MPI)” in that context.

1 O nline Game Addiction Among University Student s Lujiaozi Wang Siyu Zhu International -Degree project, 15HECs International Social Work Supervisor: Anders Hyd én.

LITERATURE REVIEW IN GAMES AND LEARNING JOHN KIRRIEMUIR, CEANGAL & ANGELA MCFARLANE, GRADUATE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION, UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL. DEVELOPING GAMES FOR EDUCATION There are two key themes common to the development of games for education, namely: 1 The desire to harness the motivational.

This Chapter presents the review of related literature and studies and their relevance to the present study and a conceptual framework.

Conceptual frameworks for dota

Many students are now really obsessed to computers. Almost all of the time for them to kill, if they were alone, is just to use computers and surf the internet.

Steam is a digital distribution platform developed by Valve Corporation for purchasing and playing video offers digital rights management (DRM), matchmaking servers, video streaming, and social networking provides the user with installation and automatic updating of games, and community features such as friends lists and groups, cloud saving, and in-game voice and.

We claim that the research on video games is in need of a conceptual and methodological framework in which results and effects could be compared, interpreted and generalized.

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